Patient Education

It is critical to us that our patients gain knowledge as well as healing as a result of their experience with our practice. The following Patient Education videos are meant to give you an inside look into some of the most common conditions we treat in our patients.  
Watch and learn to find out more about what goes on inside the body during a visit to Karma Chiropractic! 

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Pulled Muscle vs. Muscle Adhesion

Dr. Brady, Dr. Mike's mentor and teacher, demonstrates why many "pulled muscles" are actually adhesion-related!

Knee Pain and Mobility

Dr. Mike demonstrates a simple self test to determine your knees' mobility and explains the most common causes of knee pain.

Posture Tips 

Dr. Mike offers four tips for improving your posture and health.

Nerve Entrapment

Nerve Entrapment is one of the most common root conditions that leads people to seek treatment. This video illustrates what nerve entrapment looks like in the body as well as how Manual Adhesion Release works to break down the adhesions that bind nerves and soft tissues, causing nerve entrapments.

Muscle Adhesion

Muscle adhesion is among the most common, most under diagnosed and most treatable conditions in the body. Here, Dr. Brady - founder of Integrative Diagnosis - illustrates how adhesion causes pain and impacts range of motion within the body. 

The Sciatic Nerve

Do you really have tight hamstrings, or is Sciatic Nerve Entrapment to blame? Of all the areas of the body that are prone to developing adhesions, the sciatic nerve comes in at the top of the list. This video illustrates how adhesion release techniques work to reduce the pain associated with sciatica and restore healthy range of motion in the hips.

The videos on this page are shared with the permission of Integrative Diagnosis.

Ankle Pain and How To Prevent Strain

We live in a concrete jungle that is high impact for the cartilage in our joints. One way to help ease the strain on our bodies is to slow down and "walk quietly".