Dr. Mike Has Been Practicing chiropractic since 2009.

He was the first chiropractor to utilize the Integrative Diagnosis method of soft tissue treatment in NYC.

He Has Held Certifications In Active Release Technique, Manual & Instrument Adhesion Release, Network Spinal Analysis, Zone Chiropractic Technique and Is A Certified Wellness Provider through the International Chiropractic Association

Dr. Mike is deeply passionate about teaching his clients how to create health and vitality in their lives.

"I have been practicing one on one with clients for almost a decade now. During my time as a chiropractor and during my education, I became a of student of all things health related when it came to the body. Over the years I have incorporated the knowledge and insight that served not only myself and my own health, but my client’s health as well. Eventually I began to notice that the clients of mine who got better the fastest and the ones that stayed pain free the longest had made 5 important shifts that needed to take place in order for them to become truly healthy and overcome the pain that was setting them back in life.”

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