Chances are, if you are visiting this website, you have a problem.

The particular problem that Dr. Mike solves is finding and fixing adhesions.

Scar tissue, known in the medical community as soft tissue adhesion is the single most common, yet most undiagnosed cause of pain and dysfunction in the human body.
What you may experience as painful "knots", tingling, burning, numbness, tension or stiffness can likely be traced back to adhesions.

Adhesions occur within muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves in response to injury or lack of bloodflow from underuse. When soft tissue breaks down the body fills in the cracks with a glue-like, collagen-based substance - this is the adhesion.
Problems arise when adhesion binds structures that shouldn't be stuck together, causing pain and limited range of motion. 

Adhesions are caused by both overuse and underuse
Regardless of whether you have an athletic or sedentary lifestyle, there is a high likelihood that you are suffering from excess adhesions inside your body.  

Think of the difference between a clean paint brush and one that is covered in dry paint.

A clean paint brush is supple, flexible and easy to use. A dirty paint brush is useless until the hardened paint is stripped away.

Adhesions lead to decreased flexibility, weakness and pain.

When you are weak and less flexible you are no longer able to do the things that you once could without pain.

This can lead to an inability to sit at a desk without discomfort.

Athletes will often experience pain while playing sports or exercising.

Bending over or twisting will be uncomfortable and difficult. 

The list goes on and on...

A natural and effective approach for treating the most common problem in the human body. 

 Integrative Diagnosis (ID) is a complete system for the diagnosis and non-invasive treatment of muscle, nerve and joint problems that affect millions worldwide. ID employs a variety of specific biomechanical tests and treatments to identify and target the root cause of pain and dysfunction. The system is designed to reveal which specific structures in the body are affected and implies the necessary treatment to address the relevant adhesions. Even patients presenting with complicated diagnoses can find effective relief without expensive imaging or invasive procedures.


Once a diagnosis is reached, ID practitioners may use a combination of Manual Adhesion Release and Instrument Adhesion Release techniques to break down adhesions over the course of several visits. Depending on the area of the body affected, you can expect a combination of Manual and tool-assisted therapies to be used during treatment. Both MAR and IAR work by creating a minor inflammatory response in the affected area which restores inhibited blood flow and promotes the body's natural healing response. This method respects the large and under-appreciated role that soft tissue weakness and damage play in musculo-skeletal conditions.

Dr. Mike is an Expert at Finding and Fixing Adhesions.


Since earning his chiropractic license in 2009, Dr. Mike has tirelessly pursued post-doctoral education to become one of the foremost adhesion specialists in the Northeast. In fact, he is the only doctor that practices Integrative Diagnosis in the entire New York City metropolitan area. 

Each visit the patient will go through our Test - Treat - Retest process in order to verify that the treatment is working and that progress is being made and sustained. Any necessary changes will be made accordingly based on each visit's reassessment. Patients who do not make adequate progress after receiving regular treatment for a period of time may then be referred out for imaging.

 Full recovery is a multi-level process through which you will be fully supported.

By offering the highest level of care in the city, we help our patients achieve lasting results. Please refer to our Yelp! or Google Plus listings to read for yourself.