A natural and effective approach for treating the most common problem in the human body. 




You will not find any stuffy small treatment rooms when you visit Dr. Mike. Instead you will feel right at home in his open, bright, plant-filled healing space. He has converted his spare room with a separate entrance into a unique and private space where you can truly relax. 


While the doctor recommends that you use an upright supportive chair for desk work, your comfort while working together is important to him. Our plush pillows and meditation cushions make this the perfect spot to discuss your current health needs. 

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We are located on the border of two of New York's finest neighborhoods - Bushwick and Ridgewood. The office is located only 5 blocks from both the L and M train lines, and across the street from a B38 bus stop. It's also an easy walk for those who live nearby.

Chances are, if you are visiting this website, you have a problem.


The particular problem that Dr. Mike solves is finding and fixing adhesions.

An adhesion occurs within muscles, tendons, and ligaments in response to an injury. If you are athletic or sedentary, there is a high likelihood that you are suffering from excess adhesions inside your body.

Adhesions are caused by both overuse and underuse


When soft tissue breaks down it fills in the cracks with a glue like substance called an Adhesion.

Think of the difference between a clean paint brush and one that is covered in dry paint.

A clean paint brush is supple, flexible and easy to use. A dirty paint brush is useless and needs to be replaced.


Adhesions lead to decreased flexibility and weakness.

When you are weak and less flexible you are no longer able to do the things that you once could without pain.

This can lead to an inability to sit at a desk without discomfort.

Athletes will often experience pain while playing sports or exercising.

Bending over or twisting will be uncomfortable and difficult. 

The list goes on and on...


Dr. Mike is an Expert at Finding and Fixing Adhesions.


In fact, he is the only doctor that practices with this level of specificity in the entire New York City metropolitan area. That is why he chooses to practice within the comfort of his own home.

By offering the highest level of care in the city, patients are willing to travel to see him. Please refer to our Yelp! or Google Plus listings to read for yourself.

The treatment is done by hand and is designed to chip away at the adhesions over time. Full recovery is a process.

Each visit the patient will go through our Test - Treat - Retest process in order to verify that the treatment is working and that progress is being made and sustained. Any necessary changes will be made accordingly based on each visit's reassessment.

It is very important to know and measure the results that are being made.

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