At Karma Chiropractic, Dr. Mike believes that your healing should be a comfortable experience.

That's why he has converted this private sunlit studio into a healing oasis.



You won't find any stuffy small treatment rooms when you visit Dr. Mike. Instead you will feel right at home in his open, bright, plant-filled healing space. A place you can truly relax in while receiving care.


While the doctor recommends that you use an upright supportive chair for desk work, your comfort is important to him while working together. Our plush pillows and meditation cushion make this the perfect spot to discuss your current health needs. 



We are located on the border of two of New York's finest neighborhoods - Bushwick and Ridgewood. The office is located only 5 blocks from both the L and M train lines, and across the street from a B38 bus stop. It's also an easy walk for those who live nearby.

Bringing Chiropractic Into the 21st Century


The days of traditional chiropractic methods are fading fast. No longer is it acceptable to hook patients up to passive machinery and perform the same adjustment for every person that walks through the door. 

Patients deserve more than mere pain management.

Patients deserve pain RESOLUTION and a clear understanding of what is happening inside their body. 

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Each patient that walks through the door is treated like an individual with their own unique needs.


Dr. Mike's job is to find out what those needs are and to address them in the most efficient way possible - all the while educating you on what is truly happening inside your body so that you can help yourself recover faster. HIs system of diagnosis and treatment is unique to New York City and has been learned over many additional years of study beyond chiropractic school. You will not find another doctor that practices like this in any of the 5 boroughs. 

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There are 640 muscles in the human body.


And all kinds of nerves and blood vessels running in between. 

At Karma Chiropractic the saying is "Muscles move bones." If the muscular imbalances are not addressed, any work done with the bones will be futile, as they are always at the discretion of how the muscles pull on them.

Do you know what happens when muscle, tendon, and ligament tissues start to break down?

They start to adhere themselves to each other and surrounding structures, causing changes in your bodies natural way of moving. Without addressing the exact site of dysfunction within each tissue a practitioner could spend years trying to figure out how to properly help a patient.

With Dr. Mike's knowledge, he will be able to give you a thorough evaluation and diagnosis on the very first visit and let you know if he can help. 

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