If you have spent years struggling with chronic neck and back pain...

... or maybe you have had reoccurring back pain over the last few months

but now it seems that is is gradually aching a little bit more than normal...

Either way this information is for you!

Keep reading on because you are going to learn a lot today.

We all know that chronic neck and back pain is no fun.

8 out of 10 adults suffer from it.

Unfortunately the prevalence of back pain is only on the rise with each passing year.

It is has been established as one of the top 3 reasons for missing work.


I want to give you the tools to begin to overcome the pain.

Would you like to learn...

A step-by-step strategy to overcome neck and back pain from home.

  • The exact tools you need to overcome chronic nagging back pain, even if it has been plaguing you for months or years without hope.

  • Effective and natural remedies to help prevent you from agonizing in pain while falling asleep at night.

  • How to wake up refreshed each day without pain or the fear that the first move you make out of your bed will be painful. 

  • Proven methods to help reduce or avoid reliance on symptom management strategies. (There is no such thing as a quick fix!)

  • Natural ways to stop aggravating your neck or back pain and prevent it from getting worse so that you can avoid costly invasive procedures down the line.

  • The safe way to learn HOW and WHEN to exercise again, even if you have been told that you should stay away from moving your body. 

Do you feel like the pain will never get better?


1. Do you wake up every day feeling drained and unenthusiastic because now you have to deal with the reality that your neck or your back is going to ache for the majority of the day?

2. Do you travel around from doctor to chiropractor to massage therapist and so on, looking for answers, only to end up lost and more confused about what is causing the chronic nagging pain?

3. Do you get hopeful each and every time you start a new or different therapy, only to be let down again after a few weeks when you realize that the pain is not much better from when you started?

4. Do you worry that you may never find a solution and may need to spend the rest of your life taking medications to cope with the discomfort?

5. Do you stress because most doctors, after handing you a prescription, tell you to come back when it gets worse, and then imply that you will be a candidate for surgery in the future?

6. Do you worry that you may never again be able to enjoy physical activity outside, in the gym, or with your children or grandchildren for fear that the pain will get worse? 

Keep Scrolling to Learn the Real Problem.


The real problem is that you haven’t made the 5 shifts.

Once you make them …


  • You will finally be able to lay your head down on your pillow at night and fall asleep quickly and comfortably, resting easy in the fact that your body feels whole once again.


  • You will be able to save countless dollars and hours of frustration because you will no longer need to visit provider after provider in search of solutions. 


  • You will show up to work energized and ready to engage in your daily activities and your coworkers will once again look to you for guidance, inspiration and assistance on the job. 


  • You will have the energy to come home and be able to roll around on the floor with your children, play tug of war with your dog, and be intimate with your spouse again; from the freedom that comes with alleviating the pain. 


  • You will have complete control over your health and use that confidence to once again participate in the activities you love; getting your body back into the shape you know it is capable of. 


Here Are the 5 Things You Need to Learn

To Get BACK On Track

  • Optimism is the Key to getting started.
    • I know we have all heard that thousands of times before, but it is true. Research shows that patients who approach their care with optimism have a much higher chance of success. 
    • However it doesn't often work because Healthcare Providers generally scare patients into fearing that things will get worse.
    • I am here to provide my clients with hope, as I have seen countless individuals bounce back from all sorts of condition.
  • Healthcare is REACTIVE, not Proactive.
    • The medical community is at a loss when it comes to treating and solving back pain.
    • In fact, it seems that no matter who clients see - medical doctors, chiropractors, surgeons, acupuncturists and physical therapists (you name it), they are only focusing on the symptoms.
    • Symptoms are the result of an underlying problem and not the ROOT CAUSE of chronic neck and back pain.
  • Everything is Not as Clear as it Seems.
    • Multiple medical studies have shown that there are perfectly healthy people living with all kinds of spinal abnormalities.
      • This includes bulging discs, herniated disc, extruding discs, transitional vertebrae, spondylolisthesis, spina bifida occult, scoliosis, and osteoarthritis.
    • But if it's possible to live pain-free with those conditions, what is it exactly that is causing so many people pain?
  • Your Nervous System is on HIGH ALERT!
    • It's true, and no one is talking about it. 
    • Everywhere you turn people are treating the symptoms of an overactive nervous system and they are failing.
    • That is why you have been unable to find help still...
      • Every remedy you have tried, including relaxation techniques, are still not addressing the root cause of why the nervous system is on high alert in the first place.
    • It’s like driving a car as fast as possible for as long as you can… eventually the engine is going to burn up.
  • You Need to Invest in Professional Help.
    • If your house burns down, and the fireman come in and smash out all the windows, all the doors, all the walls and all of the electrical and plumbing has been ruined, you are going to need HELP rebuilding your house.
    • You could try to to fix it by yourself, but that would take a very long time and you would run into all kinds of set backs and obstacles.
    • When you have something as massive as your house, or your health, that needs rebuilding, you need to invest in help from someone who knows what they are doing.
    • Working with the right professional means taking your time, showing up as a willing participant and following the steps laid out for you.
    • The resources to guide clients through all the tools and steps needed to overcome neck and back pain are available.
      • "When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear."
    • This is a journey and one that you will need to commit to if you are ever going to succeed.

Are You Ready To Take The First Step?